Tuesday, March 14, 2017

All my needs are met

L needs milk.  We sometimes run out and that is so sad.  Today he was asleep when I bought more.  He had seen that there was none in the fridge and cried so piteously.  Then when he woke up he asked for some.  I said "yes" and took him to the fridge.  When he saw the 2 gallons in the fridge he cried out "Ahdoudga!" 

He asks to watch signing time at night. 

I'm so grateful that he's picking up the sign language to let us know what he needs.  He can now sign dog for dog, fish, for fish, and bird for all other animals, including birds.  He signs "Come" and I follow.  He signs "please" and "thank you".  He signs "ball" and "balloon" because he knows the difference.

L is always doing whatever the older kids do.  In the morning he grabs a book of Mormon and sits down with it open on his lap, just like everyone else.  He loves to play catch with a ball and has an ability similar to G's at this age, very accurate.

He's a sweet boy and I'm so glad he is part of our family.