Sunday, May 21, 2017


L is growing and has such a cute way of being demanding.  His sign language is so strong and he is so certain of himself.  I'm so glad he can tell us just what he wants so sweetly.  Milk and fish?  OK sweet one.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


L goes through these rough cycles.  He's teething or he has allergies, or both.  Right now he's a mess with snot coming out his nose and drool coming out his mouth.  Poor boy.  We're keeping him home from church today because he might have 1% of a cold mixed in with his very wet faced self. 

His sign language is going great.  It's so sweet to see how he can mimic most signs and use about 25 appropriately.  He's got: Milk, more, please, thank you, Mom, Dad, Ball, Balloon, fish, dog, cat, bird, carrot, candy, food, water, book, outside, bike, hat, coat, donkey, gator, go, uh-oh and yes.  It's so fun.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mr. Milk!

L really likes to drink milk.  I'm sure the others enjoyed it a fair amount.  I know they all went through a phase of drinking from a bottle.  L doesn't eat much and if he doesn't have his milk he's in despair.  He's perfectly contented while he has a bottle to suck down.  We made it through an entire baptism on Friday because L had a big 8oz bottle.  Yay!  But he doesn't know when to stop and his stomach gets distended.  Then he burps and it sounds like he's throwing up because he doesn't have the muscle control to modulate the outburst.  Fortunately we're all pretty used to this so it doesn't freak us out too often.

He wears these cute red suspenders.  I love this boy.  He's at an adorable stage of running around in a bow legged fashion.  He's into everything the big kids do.  It's wonderful and terrifying.

Sunday, April 9, 2017


L is wonderfully independent.  We were at the shore recently and he toddled down to the water and just stood throwing sand into the water.  This little place is perfect because there are no waves.  It's behind a barrier island but still ocean.  It's just an incredibly beautiful little shoreline to visit during the cool months when nobody is trying to go in the water much.  There are oysters in the water so I wouldn't like to have the kids walking or swimming in them.  In the summer the beach is better.

L cannot be contained anymore.  We went to the fountain of youth with our co-op recently.  He had to be taken out of the planetarium.  He can't sit through sacrament meeting anymore.  I rarely bring the sling anywhere now because he's too busy.  But he is also very sweet, and signing and talking all the time.  It's so fun to have such a little chatterbox boy.  He still doesn't sign any names, but he signs a lot of objects and animals.  He loves to watch signing time and will sign for it so sweetly.  His sadness at being told no is so piteous.  His happiness when we say yes, so beautiful. 

He currently signs:  Baby, cat, dog, fish, banana (which he signs apple, but says nana, and means banana), milk, please, thankyou, sorry, yes, ball, bubbles, balloon, and go.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

All my needs are met

L needs milk.  We sometimes run out and that is so sad.  Today he was asleep when I bought more.  He had seen that there was none in the fridge and cried so piteously.  Then when he woke up he asked for some.  I said "yes" and took him to the fridge.  When he saw the 2 gallons in the fridge he cried out "Ahdoudga!" 

He asks to watch signing time at night. 

I'm so grateful that he's picking up the sign language to let us know what he needs.  He can now sign dog for dog, fish, for fish, and bird for all other animals, including birds.  He signs "Come" and I follow.  He signs "please" and "thank you".  He signs "ball" and "balloon" because he knows the difference.

L is always doing whatever the older kids do.  In the morning he grabs a book of Mormon and sits down with it open on his lap, just like everyone else.  He loves to play catch with a ball and has an ability similar to G's at this age, very accurate.

He's a sweet boy and I'm so glad he is part of our family.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

early bird

L has been waking up earlier and earlier.  I took a walk every day last week and most days I needed to take him along.  Today he was up at 7 when 9 was the old usual as of a few months ago.  But I guess a bottle of milk isn't able to get him to go back to bed so well.  But he did fall asleep on the way to church and slept through half of sacrament meeting.

We figured out with B that small bottles save you a lot of mess.  There is only 4-5 ounces of milk in them and baby can chug that down.  Even if they throw a bottle on the floor, it's less likely to be full enough to come out and ruin the carpet. 

L loves balloons.  His "please" is getting very good because he really wants the things he wants; milk and balloons. 

He's rather territorial and will push the other children off my lap.  : (  But they all adore him.  I'm so grateful to have children that love one another most of the time and the baby all of the time.  They love to take him to nursery and pick him up.  I love to find him with them toddling down the hall.  It's always a sweet reunion.  And I'm beyond grateful that he goes to nursery with no fuss and stays the whole time.  I love my kids.  None of them have had a problem with that separation.  It probably helps that it is their first separation, rather than something they have dealt with since way too young.  But I know other stay at home moms whose children refused to go to nursery.  So I know it is just a mercy and I am grateful for it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

the one who sleeps

L is our youngest independent sleeper.  I am so grateful that he has been sleeping on his own and through the night.  He weaned at 17 months old and then started sleeping on his own pretty quickly.  It's so great.