Friday, August 16, 2019

2 weeks

L has been using the toilet for #2 for 2 weeks.  This is a pretty big deal because he's our youngest and latest to do so. 

He does things like make a mess, then when he is caught he starts to bawl and say "But I said I'm SORRY!" 

He likes to sneak food and is often in trouble for eating half an apple that he didn't ask for and leaving it on the floor.  He says things like "That is good.  Yum!  Delicious!"

I think he just wants to make sure we appreciate him growing up and never feel like we could handle more. 

Then he comes up and says "I just need to hug and kiss you because I love you."

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Joys and Birthday fun

 Watermelon on the back porch.  So good.
 Playing with the dog that M and G are pet sitting.  As we leave L will exclaim that he wants to see Luke (the dog) twenty, ninety, sixteen, twenty five more times.
 We took family to the museum,
 butterfly garden, and
Splash park fun.  And now he is 4.

Sunday, June 23, 2019


L is so cute.  He screams a lot and we're trying to get him to stop being upset about everything.  He is cut from a similar cloth as lP which is creative and sometimes exhausting.  But they have an insight that surprises.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Play so hard

 L wandered outside around 2pm and fell asleep on the spider swing.  Life's busy like that.
 Here is L signing "I love you".
More often than not he holds up his best assortment of 3 fingers and says softly "This means I love you."  Yes.   It does.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

little things

L has picked up some phrases that are strange to me.
"I forgive you."  "I promise."  I'm not sure if B is teaching him that or what.  I don't make promises except covenants.  We do forgive though.

He's trying to learn the ILY and I'm often amused at what he comes up with.  He'll hold up some combination of 3 fingers and say "This means I love you!"  He's awesome like that.

L loves to use his finger as an avatar.  We hug our index fingers together.  They talk, play tag, and hide and seek.  He's very into that sort of play.

Yesterday he was eating a popcickle and lP said "Popcicle, go into the cave (l's mouth) to which L replied "It's dangerous!"

I love his imagination.  He has a real friend in lP and B for all the imaginative play a kid needs.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Spider man

L is 3 for a few more months.  He likes to milk his place as the youngest in the family.  He is pretty awesome.  He learned the word grip recently and P loved to have L show him his grip, extending his hand and having L squeeze it tight.  L loves to explain and define.  He tells us what we're "'sposed to" do, like "You're 'sposed to sleep with me." and he often tells us "I thought I wanted to have milk and signing time." when he really just wants those things. 

L likes to show expressions.  When he's deciding he puts his finger to his lips and says "Hmmmm".
I love how he shows happy and sad just for the fun of it.
Here he is trying to wink.

We put the training wheels back on the little red bike that B just barely graduated from and now L is racing around on it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


 We went to the audiologist and G requested that we ride to the 11th floor to look out over campus.  L said "Mom!  Where did you come from?!" Like I had been gone but just showed up.  He has so many funny phrases.  "Are you kidding me?" is one he uses a lot when he doesn't like what he was told, like it's time for bed.
L has been interested in riding the bike.  P and G have pushed him along on this good old red bike.  So I put the training wheels on and he's having a great time.  He can peddle around up and down the drive way.  We took it to visit Grandma and G shepherded him across the parking lot so he could ride along the sidewalks.  He's very confident about it.  Just one more way that he reminds us of G at this age.