Sunday, January 24, 2016


L is so cute.  He has a terrible habit of pulling his blanket over his face.  He's super good at wriggling around so that, no matter how I've tucked things down, he gets some bit of cloth over his face.  Then he spreads his arms like an eagle, unable to get it off his face, and breathes in short gasps.

He is so super duper cute though.  I just love giving him tons of kisses.  B is so in love with him.  I'm so grateful for my children's ability to love one another.

G asks to hold L most often.  It goes in cycles.  Sometimes lP wants to hold him all the time.  G has always wanted to hold L about once every other day.  So in this moment, that is pretty often compared to other kids who are distracted by other interests.  B is newly interested in puzzles.  lP is busy with her work on piano, her assignments etc...  M is busy dreaming of more pet time with the C family. 

It's so sweet having this little boy.