Sunday, October 25, 2015

everybody loves him

All the children love L and ask to hold him often.  It's so sweet that he's loved.  He's learning to laugh a bit.  The children love to touch him and get him to smile.  Their joy in making him happy is awesome.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


I love this baby!  I'm sure I have loved each of my babies.  This is such a sweet season of our lives.  We aren't stressed out about a lot of things, that have stressed us out in the past.  L is our 5th child and he's such an easy baby.   We've been able to "cry train" him as we did with B.  We train him to breath/pant, and when he does we pick him up.  When he cries, we look confused and don't pick him up.  If he doesn't stop crying at the sight of us, we get close and pant.  Then the second he stops, we pick him up and try our best to sooth him.  He's trained, we're trained.  He stops crying when he sees us and does the little pant.  The big kids will tell us if he's doing the pant and we're not close enough to hear it.   It's miraculous.

Having 5 children, and homeschooling becoming a bit more formal, I'm pretty busy.  I can't think of him all the time, and when I do, I am like "Wow, I have this cute baby!"  I finally got a mirror for the car, which I've never had in 11 years of having children.  I kept worrying that I'd forgotten him, and asking the kids if L was in the car.  So now I have a mirror and it's good.

He doesn't smile much, but it's so sweet and delightful when he does.