Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cursing Baby

L is not always such sweetness.  When he's mad, as he sometimes is, he let's out these long strings of multi-syllabic cries with an amazing breadth of consonants and fricatives thrown in for color.  He's quite effusive in his curses.  Hopefully we'll find out that he just want's milk, sleep, diaper change, the usual.  But it's funny/scary...

Saturday, December 3, 2016

happy boy

L can walk!  L can sign (more, milk, ball, cheese, please, yes)!  L can talk (please, thankyou)!  L can scream!  L can dance (swinging his arms whenever there is music)!  L can sleep through the night!

Happy mom. 

We all adore this little cutie.  The big kids like to hold him and help out keeping him safe.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

So sweet

L is 14.5 months old.  M taught him to walk and it's adorable.  He's starting to sign and speak.  He signs YES, MORE, and  PLEASE.  He says "Uh-oh" and "Thank you".  He nods his head and shakes it for yes and no.

He climbs on everything and has fallen off a chair more than once.  Ouch!  Recently he stumbled on a sidewalk.  He caught himself on his arms and then just rocked forward enough to kiss the pavement and get a scratch on the face.  It wasn't too bad, just a rub that is gently scabbing today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


L loves to climb at the playground.  He is in that annoying phase of climbing up on tables and throwing everything down.  The good thing about having 5 children is the ability to recognize this as a distinct developmental benchmark.  : )

L has 7 teeth.  4 on top and 3 on bottom.  The new one on bottom just seemed to appear half way grown in overnight.  But he fussed it up.  I just never noticed until the other night.

L crawls all over the house and out onto the back porch.  It's fun how independent he can be.  We love his smiles and hugs.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


 L has figured out how to climb like crazy!  He went through a rough week of climbing up on the couch and falling off.  Now he's pretty good at getting down.
He loves to brush his teeth, and hair, with his toothbrush.  He's so adorable.

Friday, August 19, 2016

pictures of baby

Sometimes I worry that we don't get enough pictures of L and that his childhood is passing too fast.  But we have got some pretty epic pictures of him.  We don't have enough pictures of him rolling around on the floor, but we can work on that.
He didn't learn to walk in NYC but he did use his excellent skills in making eye contact to entrance women, men and children everywhere.  We got used to the sound of strangers making goo-goo faces at him all the time. 

L is very into eye contact.  He loves to bounce around and then stare into my eyes "Did you see that?  Wasn't that funny!"  The first time I put him up on my shoulders he kept straining his head down to make eye contact with me.  He's so charming.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sugar plum

L is so sweet.  I call him sugar plum and give him lots of kisses.
Then I put googly eyes on him and take a picture.  

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Handsome club

L wore this little suit last week.  So cute!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

mover, shaker

This little guy is so mobile.  He can navigate the areas in our house with 1-2 steps.  He pulls up to standing on everything.  His long term fluid in the ears and nasal gunk are still ongoing.  Still, he is very pleasant most of the time.
His hair lays down most of the time but with just a slight breeze he's back to his awesome hair.  He's so adorable!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

huge developments

L was sick for 4 weeks!  He had a cough and the Dr. said it was fine.  But then over the next 3 weeks it went into his chest.  So he ended up on Amox, Prednisone, and nebulizer with Albeuterol.  Finally he's healthy and suddenly making huge progress.  He loves to find something interesting and sit there playing with it.  He can army crawl pretty fast.  He also pulled himself to standing at the couch!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

So cute!

L is so cute.  Last Monday we bought him this necklace because on Sunday he was inconsolable.  We were having dinner with the Porters and had to take turns eating dinner because he was just fussy and crying the whole time.  Luckily Gtown is the kind of place where you can go to a store and buy an amber necklace : )  I think it helps, even if I don't believe in it. 

L has a cough.  L has had a cough for 8 weeks.  It's possibly allergies.  It's possibly allergies overlaid with the various minor colds or family has had over the last 6 months.  For a while I was worried that it was pnemonia, but in general he seems fine.  He did have a fever 2 weeks ago, on and off for 1 day.  But B had also had a fever 2 days prior, so I chalked it up to a virus. 

Thanks to the necklace he seems more happy, so I'm less worried about the cough.  But maybe he has asthma. 

Also on the Monday that we got the necklace, he started going up on hands and knees!  He's almost 8 months old and is finally maneuvering into a sitting position and able to balance.  Previously he just rolled around like a ninja. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

secret agent

This little guy is getting so mobile.  He is almost 7 months old and rolls like a pro.  Today he rolled around the floor in the main room and it reminded me of an action film.  I'm hoping to film it and add some sort of stunt music.  He's such a delight and easy going baby.

He's had a bad cough for 4 weeks now.  I keep thinking, maybe it's pneumonia... but thankfully it's just a bad cough.  No fever, no vomiting, diarrhea...  He's got a check up on Monday.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


L is so cute.  He has a terrible habit of pulling his blanket over his face.  He's super good at wriggling around so that, no matter how I've tucked things down, he gets some bit of cloth over his face.  Then he spreads his arms like an eagle, unable to get it off his face, and breathes in short gasps.

He is so super duper cute though.  I just love giving him tons of kisses.  B is so in love with him.  I'm so grateful for my children's ability to love one another.

G asks to hold L most often.  It goes in cycles.  Sometimes lP wants to hold him all the time.  G has always wanted to hold L about once every other day.  So in this moment, that is pretty often compared to other kids who are distracted by other interests.  B is newly interested in puzzles.  lP is busy with her work on piano, her assignments etc...  M is busy dreaming of more pet time with the C family. 

It's so sweet having this little boy.